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Scottsdale Scorpion Control

The health concern with Scorpions is rapidly growing throughout the United States.  Scottsdale, Arizona is one hotspot to keep an eye out for.  Two types of Scorpions are found in Scottsdale, AZ, the Bark Scorpion and the Desert Hairy.  Desert Hairy scorpions are not a problem when it comes to posonous stings, however you can still have an allergic reaction to the Hairy's sting.  The Desert Hairy sting is comparative in toxicity to a normal honeybee sting.  The Bark Scorpion on the other hand is one to worry about.  The Arizona Bark Scorpion has the most potent venom in the entire US scorpion population.  In adults, a sting may produce unbearable pain for 24-72 hours and rare, but if untreated and the reaction sever the sting can even cause death. There area over 100 reported deaths a year in Mexico from this same or similiar species of scorpion. Stings are most dangerous for the elderly and childeren.  

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So Scottsdale, Arizona is home to the largest native Scorpion in North America, The Desert Hairy Scorpion. The Imperial Scopion is larger, but is not native to Arizona. It is also home to the most poisonous Scorpion in North America, The Bark Scorpion.  It’s very important to seek Scorpion Control in Scottsdale, Arizona because of the fast growing scorpion population.  Without Scorpion control, you’re bound to having a run-in with Scottsdale Scorpions in the future. So get Scorpion Control in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

If Stung: You should call poision control if you are stung by a scorpion.

What does a poisonous Scorpion look like?

Scorpions are small Arachnids.  Some can be as small as 1 inch others grow over 7 inches long. Most average about 1 1/2 inches.  Bark Scorpions, the poioinous type, have a long thin arched stinger that can do major damage to humans. The poisonous scorpions are light brown - yellowish color to almost clear in appearance. You may also notice two stripes going down the posinous scopions back. In the front they have large claws, which they can grasp insects with.  They have a segmented body and eight legs.  They can be found at nighttime with a black light because they glow.  Why do they glow in the dark? They glow because in their exoskeletons there is a coating of protein that reflects the black light. 

What’s an Exoskeleton?

An Exoskeleton is the lungs of a Scorpion.  Humans have lungs to breathe through while Scorpions have an outer shell called the Exoskeleton.  Rather than breathing through their mouths, Scorpions breathe through their sides.  That’s why when you step on a Scorpion it makes a “crunch” sound, it’s because you’re breaking its Exoskeleton.  The Exoskeleton also makes it visible at night with a black light; Scorpions will glow under its light.

What do Scorpions eat?

Scorpions will eat just about any type of insect.  Its primary food source is the common household cricket.  If you have a cricket problem in your home, you’re bound to have a Scorpion infestation soon if you don’t already have that problem.  Scorpions also like to feed on Cockroaches, Silverfish and sometimes other Scorpions.   Scorpions can go for 4 months without any food or water. A Scorpions life span can be up to 5-15 years long. 

What are some predators of the Scorpion?

Things that feed on Scorpions are other Scorpions, Tarantulas, Birds, Lizards, mice, and some small snakes. Human's can also eat scorpions, but it is advised that you remove the stinger and the bulb at the end of the tail. The bulb is where the venom is stored and the stinger could cause damage to the throat when swallowing. The imperial scorpion can be bought cooked and ready to eat every day in the streets of China. Doesn't that sound good?


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Scorpion Habitat

Scorpions love to live in places like Orange Groves and Palm trees.  They don’t like to live inside the trees; they love the way the trees are watered.  They are irrigated and scorpions love the moisture of it.  They are also attracted to swimming pools.  When they are hiding, they enjoy places like under rocks and logs.  Scorpions can live so well in homes because humans keep their homes at a constant environment. Most homeowners set their thermostats to the same 3-degree temperature zone .  Scorpions can easily adjust to a world like that and most other pest find your home to be very comfortable as well. All the better for the scopions, feed on those pests.  Scorpions can fit through holes only credit card widths in length. 

What does a scorpion eat? Other insects, especially crickets.

How do they reproduce?

Scorpions actually use their stingers in the mating ritual. The males use their stinger to subdue the females. Female Scorpions do not lay eggs; they give live birth to their young. They can have over 100 baby scorpions at a time! Baby Scorpions will molt for their first time while they sit on their mother’s back.  After a few weeks they will release themselves and molt several more times before reaching adulthood. 

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What does a Poisonous Scorpion Look like?

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What do Scorpions eat?

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Scorpion Habitat

How do they Reproduce?


The current scientific name for the Deadly Poisinous scorpions is "Centrutoides Exilicada" however this is often disputed among scientist since so many of the scoprions differ. They are also known as "Deadly Sculptured Scorpion".

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